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advice from an expeirenced mover

During my youth, my dad was relocated for his job several times over the course of ten years. It was hard growing up going through so many moves, but it has helped me learn a lot about packing and moving. Now that I have married a soldier, all of the packing and moving skills that I picked up when I was a kid have helped me pick up and move when my husband is moved to a different base. I have created this blog with the hopes of helping other families going through moves get through them more easily and with fewer problems.



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More Than Just A Recreational Vehicle: How Your RV Doubles As A Storage Unit And Moving Vehicle

Like most Canadians, you probably love to camp in the great outdoors. Also like your fellow Canadians, you have an RV so you do not freeze at night. When you are not camping, your RV sits in your driveway or in storage, doing nothing in particular. You never thought you would use an RV for anything else, but you can use it for storage and as a moving truck. There are several reasons why this unusual use of an RV would be beneficial to you.

You Do Not Have to Hire a Moving Truck

Think about it. Your RV has as much free space as the smallest moving truck. If you have a deluxe RV, you probably have as much space as a mid-sized moving truck. Instead of hiring a truck, which will cost you gas, rental fees, and truck insurance, use your RV to move loads of your belongings to your new home. If you have to travel more than eighty kilometers to your new home to unload, you can easily camp out for the night in an empty RV before moving more stuff the next day. You could camp outside in your RV at your new address too, if you do not have your bed unpacked and assembled at the new home.

You Can Use Your RV as Storage While You Move

Boxes pile up all around you, and until you figure out where you are going to put everything in your new home, you can store some of it in the RV. If the RV gets too full, and you do not have a garage or basement area where you can put things until you sort through them, then the RV can haul them to a nearby storage rental place. There, you can stash your excess home goods for a monthly rental or up to one year's lease, depending on how long you think it will take you to sort through all of your moving boxes.

Other Useful Moving Day Functions in Your RV

Additionally, food items you can stash in the RV's refrigerator for those times when you take a break and need a drink or a bite to eat. Your RV is your very own storage unit on wheels with a built-in concessions stand. Any dishes and flatware you have in the RV you can use to eat with until your house dishes and flatware make it out of the box and into the cupboards. By the second or third day of using your RV for moving and storage, you should have all of your goods and possessions moved to the new home. The only things you may have to rent a moving truck for are large, bulky pieces of furniture and large appliances, e.g., washer, dryer, refrigerator, etc., because those items will not fit through the RV's door.