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advice from an expeirenced mover

During my youth, my dad was relocated for his job several times over the course of ten years. It was hard growing up going through so many moves, but it has helped me learn a lot about packing and moving. Now that I have married a soldier, all of the packing and moving skills that I picked up when I was a kid have helped me pick up and move when my husband is moved to a different base. I have created this blog with the hopes of helping other families going through moves get through them more easily and with fewer problems.



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Answers To Your Concerns About Hiring Movers

Regardless of the distance you are moving, it can be a highly difficult and time-consuming task. This largely stems from the seemingly endless number of boxes that will need to be packed as well as the act of physically relocating these items. While you can hire professional movers, such as Wiebe's Moving & Storage, to take care of these chores for you, many people have never taken the time to hire these individuals. If this applies to you, the following questions and answers may help you decide to use these services. 

How Long Will It Take For The Truck To Be Loaded?

One of the main questions people often have relates to the amount of time the movers will need to fully load the truck. Not surprisingly, the answer to this questions relies on numerous factors. For example, there are many moving companies that will pack all of the items in your home, and if you are using this service, it may take the movers most of a day to pack and load your possessions. 

In contrast, if you will already have your possessions packed when they arrive, this will only take a fraction of time. In fact, it is not usual for them to be able to fully load the truck in a couple of hours or less. Luckily, this is not something that you will have to blindly guess about because most moving companies will provide you with a quote that outlines the time needed for this process. 

What If Your Items Are Damaged By The Movers?

Unfortunately, there is always a chance that some possessions may be damaged or destroyed during a move. While your movers will take the utmost care to avoid these accidents, there may be times where they are unavoidable. Luckily, if this happens, you will not be financially responsible for these costs. 

Movers are required to have insurance policies that can pay to repair or replace items that are damaged during this process. If one of your possessions is damaged, you can simply file a claim with the insurance company to receive compensation for the item. 

The difficulty of moving to a new home can be greatly reduced by hiring professionals to help you with this process. Yet, most people have never hired a mover, and this may make it difficult for them to decide if this is a good option for their needs. After considering these two important questions and answers, you might just decide that these services are worth the expense.