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advice from an expeirenced mover

During my youth, my dad was relocated for his job several times over the course of ten years. It was hard growing up going through so many moves, but it has helped me learn a lot about packing and moving. Now that I have married a soldier, all of the packing and moving skills that I picked up when I was a kid have helped me pick up and move when my husband is moved to a different base. I have created this blog with the hopes of helping other families going through moves get through them more easily and with fewer problems.



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Cleaning And Organizing Your Kid's Room Before They Move To College

Before your kid moves to college, you should get together with them and clean and organize their room. If you wait until after they're gone, you'll end up with an assortment of items that you don't know what to do with. This way, they can have some input as to what they want to move with them to college, what they'd like you to store, and what they don't really care about:

Gather Your Supplies

For this undertaking, you're going to need some supplies. It's better to gather everything at once and bring them into the room than to run and get them once at a time:

  • 4 large boxes
  • large and small markers
  • packing tape
  • large garbage bags
  • packing paper

Clean Up First

Before you roll up your sleeves and start organizing, the room needs to be at least semi-clean. Gather all the dirty laundry, wash and dry it and hang or fold it. Empty the small waste cans so you can start fresh.

Make Categories

Mark each box with either "Keep," "Move," "Donate," or "Trash." You're going to be diligent about going through the room and placing it in one of the three boxes. Anything in the "Keep" box will be stored by you. Anything in the "Move" box goes off with your kid to college, everything in the "Trash" box gets tossed and everything in the "Donate" box gets brought to a charity. Remember that anything you decide to donate should still be in good condition. If the item is in unusable shape, it should go in the trash box.

Start in the Closet

The easiest place to start is in the closet and then the dresser drawers. Go through each item of clothing and make a decision. Your kid will be the best judge of whether the item of clothing doesn't fit anymore, is uncomfortable or they just don't like it. Try not to think about how much money you spent on the clothes when you bought them. If it isn't going to be worn, it needs to go.

Cover the Toys and the Knickknacks

Next, go through all the smaller items. Broken toys that hold no sentimental value should go in the trash box. Try not to put too many things in the keep box, because remember, you may have to store that for a long time.

End With the Furniture

A lot of furniture gets broken in a teenager's room. If you aren't going to use the furniture in another part of the house, or sell it, then you can try to donate it. Otherwise, it should be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Now you should be left with a nice, empty room ready to be transformed into anything you want. Tape up the boxes and you're ready to move your new college student off to school. Contact a company like Canadian Van Lines with any questions you have.