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advice from an expeirenced mover

During my youth, my dad was relocated for his job several times over the course of ten years. It was hard growing up going through so many moves, but it has helped me learn a lot about packing and moving. Now that I have married a soldier, all of the packing and moving skills that I picked up when I was a kid have helped me pick up and move when my husband is moved to a different base. I have created this blog with the hopes of helping other families going through moves get through them more easily and with fewer problems.



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Get Comfortable In Your New Home With These Easy Unpacking Tips

Moving can be a challenge due to the number of tasks involved in settling into a new house, especially if it's in a new city or province. Luckily, getting comfortable in a new home can be as easy as making sure that the unpacking goes well with the help of professional movers. Hiring movers and considering the following tips can all help guide you towards getting your belongings unpacked and get you acclimated in the new house.  

Get the Home Clean Before Beginning to Unpack

Before bringing in your furniture and boxes of items, it's crucial that you get the house cleaned up. Relying on a checklist covering every room in your home can help ensure that it's clean enough for your belongings to begin to be unpacked.

Ask Movers to Deliver Everything to the Appropriate Room

One of the greatest benefits of hiring professional movers is that they can assist in unloading everything into the new home upon arrival. To make moving in less difficult, make sure that all of the boxes and furniture are clearly labeled with which room they should be moved into and that all the rooms have signs on the doors.

Make the Kitchen, Bathroom, and Bedroom Your Priority

It may not be possible to unpack everything within the first few days after moving in, especially if the house is on the larger side. In order for you to have access to all the essentials and begin to feel at home, focus instead on the most-used rooms of your home. The kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms will all be used soon after moving in, making these rooms your top priority when unpacking.

Start With Setting Up Your Furniture

With the amount of smaller items that will need to be tucked away, such as in dressers, nightstands, and bookcases, it's important to set up the furniture right away. Before unpacking any boxes, make sure that the furniture is assembled if anything was taken apart for the move.

Leave Decorations and Smaller Items for Last

In order to keep your home uncluttered and easy to navigate when unpacking, make sure to keep decorations and smaller items, such as blankets, clocks, and books in the boxes.

Unpacking after a big move can be confusing due to the number of things you're in charge of and the desire to get settled in as soon as possible. By taking your time and knowing what order to follow, you can do your best to ensure that your home is welcoming for your entire family right away.

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