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advice from an expeirenced mover

During my youth, my dad was relocated for his job several times over the course of ten years. It was hard growing up going through so many moves, but it has helped me learn a lot about packing and moving. Now that I have married a soldier, all of the packing and moving skills that I picked up when I was a kid have helped me pick up and move when my husband is moved to a different base. I have created this blog with the hopes of helping other families going through moves get through them more easily and with fewer problems.



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Growing Up And Moving On: A Guide To The Weeks Before Your Office Move

Deciding to move your office to a new location is a big decision for any small business owner. But it's often a necessary step to growing and keeping up with your company's needs. So, how can you make it easier and less stressful? Here are a few handy tips on how to prepare during your final weeks in the old office space. 

A Few Weeks Before 

Several weeks prior to your big move-in date, take some measurements of the new space. Write down a sketch of how the new office will be laid out, noting exact lengths of walls, dimensions of future offices and locations of doors and outlets. 

Make a checklist for notifications of the change of address. This should include vendors, banks, creditors and regular customers as well as any state agencies you've registered with. Create a change of address notification postcard or email and send it out at least two weeks in advance. 

Hire professional movers. The logistics of moving your business life, managing employees and dealing with the interruption to your work will be plenty for you to handle right now. Rather than try to DIY your actual move, hire a professional service (like Elite Moving) so you can leave some of the stress to them. 

Take this time to assess your furniture and equipment. Old pieces, items that won't fit well in the new space or things that are simply out-of-date should be disposed of or donated instead of moving. This is a great time to invest in a few new pieces of technology or update your furnishings. Make a fresh start with a view to the future. 

The Last Week

During this last week, you should be boxing up all your offices and storage. Clearly label everything -- including both the contents and the room or employee who it belongs to.

Make a list of items that should be transported directly to the new location to be set up first (or perhaps even in advance of moving). Pack these separately and take them by private transportation to the new office before the rest of the business starts being moved. This will help you transition faster and prevent losing out on work. 

Have any utilities, internet, phone service and other vital services turned on before you arrive. 

Finally, have your old office space cleared and cleaned by a professional service so you can put your energy into getting your new one set up. 

By taking the time to get these things accomplished before your actual move-in date, you can help ensure an easier time and less interruption for your business. And then you can focus on the future.